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Lakita Mashay Allen

Webster University Graduate Student

Susan Tankersley Family Therapy, LLC

I began working with Heritage Family Center in November 2019 as an intern. I will graduate with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling in August 2020. I have always been dedicated to help others since I was a child, but I really gained a passion for counseling individuals about a year and a half ago. I graduated from Lander University and obtained my Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 2017. After graduation I pursued a job in working at the Department of Social Services as an investigator. At the Department of Social Services is were I worked alongside other caseworkers in protecting individuals from abuse and neglect. My job was to place individuals of abuse and neglect into better homes where they would be safe. After doing that I would refer the clients to other professionals to help those families by providing parenting classes, drug and rehab classes, domestic violence classes and counseling to those that needed it. The negative side to being a caseworker is after referring the families I would never hear from the families or provider about the progress of the families. I would refer a-lot of children and families to counseling for the help that they needed to overcome their challenges but wasn’t able to see how the counseling was working for them. After looking at the position I was in with the families I realized I wanted to do much more and I wanted to be able to help more. The passion I possessed for helping individuals feel safe was far beyond that. I wanted to be able to physically sit down and talk one on one with my clients about the things that they struggled with more internally and what we could do together to fix the challenges in their life. Thats when I decided I wanted to become a counselor.

I truly feel as though God placed me in the position to be a caseworker so that I could see my true calling in life as a counselor. I am blessed to be apart of Heritage Family Center and I hope that I am able to truly help each and every client that I come in contact with.

LaKita's fees are $50 for the first initial session/90 minutes and $25 for each session/50 minutes.